Bucket List - Ride Horse on the Beach

Horseback riding is the sport of sitting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements.  Arabian horses have one less rib, one less lumbar bone, and one or two fewer tail vertebrae than other horses.

A horse typically sleeps two and half to three hours a day.  October 13, 1984 a couple years of Emile Brager and Marie Roesle embarked on the longest race-horse to traverse the Americas from Cabode de Hornos to Alaska-is a trifle 25.000 km! This unusual adventure ended in Faibanks, after 4 years in September 1988.

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Tabulaa - Bucket List - Watch Baby Sea Turtles Hatch


Male and female turtles mate in the water, and the males return to deep sea to feed. For several weeks, female sea turtles alternate between mating in the water and laying their eggs on land. Before laying her eggs, a female turtle will dig a hole in the sand with her hind flippers. Females lay their eggs, often between 50 and 200 at a time.  She lays her eggs in the hole in the sand and then she returns to the ocean. About two months pass for the eggs to incubate under the sand. Afterwards, the eggs hatch, generally at night to avoid predation, and the hatchlings crawl to the water. 

A sea turtle’s gender is determined by the temperature in the nest.  Amazingly, females return to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs, even though it may be 30 years later and the appearance of the beach may have greatly changed. 

Bucket List - Snowkiting

Snowkiting or Kite boarding is an outdoor winter sport where people use kite power to glide on snow or ice. The sport is similar to kitesurfing, but with the footwear used in snowboarding or skiing.  Snowkiting is one of the fastest growing extreme snowsports in the world.

In 1972, Dieter Strasilla and his brother Udo, began parachute-skiing and later perfected a system using self made paragliders and a ball-socket swivel, allowing people to kitesail upwind or uphill and also to take off into the air at will.

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Bucket List - Ice Fishing


Ice fishing is the practice of fishing through holes in the ice on a lake or river.  Did you know the current world’s largest ice fishing contest has over 15,000 anglers?  That’s right…It’s held in the month of January on Gull Lake, north of Brainerd, Minnesota each year.  They actually drill over 20,000 holes for the event! 

The hole for ice fishing should be no more than 12 inches or 30.5 cm, to keep the ice near where you stand or sit as solid and stable as possible.  This also helps prevent a person falling all the way through in an accident.  Ice does not freeze to a uniform thickness on lakes.  The speed, temperature and source of water currents from rivers cause variations.  Snow cover on the surface can affect the stability of ice.  Air currents can cause erosion of the surface.

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Bucket List - Swim with Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are large marine turtles with very large flippers and they usually live in tropical and subtropical oceans.  Sea turtles’ size varies greatly, depending upon species — from the small Kemp’s ridley, which weighs between 80–100 pounds, to the enormous leatherback, which can weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

From leatherbacks to loggerheads, six of the seven species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered at the hand of humans.  Each species relies on a different diet: greens eat sea grasses; leatherbacks feed on jellyfish and soft-bodied animals; loggerheads eat heavy-shelled animals such as crabs and clams; hawksbills rely on sponges and other invertebrates; and the Kemps ridley prefers crabs.

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Tabulaa:  Bucket List - Go Tree Tent Camping

The Tentsile Tree Tents were conceived as a treehouse that you can take with you anywhere.  They offer an incredible way for you and your friends to experience the great outdoors in style, comfort, unrestricted by ground conditions and with increased separation from wetness, bugs and other creepies. 

Located in Pfronten, Bavaria in Germany, Waldseilgarten is an adventure mountain resort that offers guests a thrilling night in the wilderness. Nestled at the top of a mountain summit, daring guests can spend the night hanging off the tree tops, suspended over a cliff face, or within a hand built igloo.

 Like tree houses, a tree tent can be accessed via a rope ladder.  The portable nature of this type of shelter provides for more versatile location choice than a conventional tree house or a camping tent.

Bucket List - Attend La Tomatina


The estimated number of tomatoes used are around 150,000 i.e. over 40 metric tons.  At around 10 AM, festivities begin with the first event of the Tomatina. It is the “palo jamón”, similar to the greasy pole. The goal is to climb a greased pole with a ham on top. As this happens, the crowd work into a frenzy of singing and dancing while being showered in water from hoses.

The tomato fight has been a strong tradition in Buñol since 1944 or 1945. No one is completely certain how this event originated.  THeir are several theories on how this tradition started, one of the most popular theories is that disgruntled townspeople attacked city councilmen with tomatoes during a town celebration.

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Bucket List - Go to a Rave.  

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Find a style you feel comfortable with. Some ravers like kandi. Kandi (also known as Kandii or Candi), is a hand crafted & beaded bracelet that many ravers adorn their wrists with. Trade some with others if you decide to make your own. Some ravers don’t like kandi ravers because of the associated stereotype of immaturity.

The best way to learn to dance at a rave is by example: look at those around you and follow what they are doing. Create your own style and be unique. Start off slowly and progress by going faster as you get used to it. It may take a while to learn a few cool dance moves associated with the rave scene before going, for example the Melbourne Shuffle.

There is a wide variety of different styles of electronic dance music, look up “ishkurs guide to electronic dance music” for a good lay out of the different genres.

Bucket List - Swim with Sharks 


Sharks are a long-bodied, chiefly marine fish, with a cartilaginous skeleton, a prominent dorsal fin, and toothlike scales. Most sharks are predatory, although the largest kinds feed on plankton.  Most other fish are covered in smooth, flat scales. A shark is covered in sharp, toothlike scales called denticles.

Hammerhead sharks are nomadic, travel from Florida coasts to polar regions and adapt to different temperatures through aquatic globetrotting.  Different sharks have their babies in different ways. Some lay egg cases. Others grow the pups inside of them and give birth to live young. Depending on the species, a shark may give birth to one or to dozens of pups and the mother shark does not stay around to take care of it.

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